01 October 2019

Double Digits!?!

Today, Bennett turned double digits! Bennett is 10 years old! It's hard to wrap my brain around.  He's halfway grown. 

When I met him for the first time in the NICU, his body swollen and near death, I didn't have any idea the amazing adventure I would end up going on with him as his mother.  Over hills and through dark caves, splashing across creeks and sliding down rocks, I would experience the pains and joys of 10 years of caring for Bennett with cystic fibrosis.  Each adventure would reveal a jewel, a tiny gift from the the experience, a sliver revelation of who Bennett is inside.  I recognize this adventure is not over.  But, ten years in to it, I am incredibly grateful for the trip so far.  How lucky I am to be his mother.

So, who is Bennett, at age 10?  Bennett is playful, outgoing and loves to be with people.  He very tender-hearted and sensitive to other's feelings.  He lives in the moment and is always up for something exciting.  Bennett is brave, so very brave.  He is resilient and strong.  Bennett is compliant and easy to please.  He is wise.  Bennett rarely complains.  He is great friend to others and incredibly lovable.  Bennett is passionate about superheros, has a weak spot for gummy bears, and loves surprises.  In his free time, he enjoys playing with Lego men, singing to The Greatest Showman soundtrack with his sister and dressing up, especially if it makes you laugh.

Today, on Bennett's birthday, I decided to take the children to get flu shots.  I hated that it fell on Bennett's birthday but I felt it was important enough for us to get the when we could.  Bennett asked to be the first one to get his flu shot, as an example to his sister and to get it over with.  He was a rockstar.

Ultimately, the whole crew got their flu shot...despite little sister's brief protest.

Avonlea felt a little better about the process of getting a flu shot today when she learned she could give her doll her own flu shot too.  (I guess she reasoned:"if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.") She started by cleaning the area.

We're thankful for Hillcrest Pediatrics for being so kind to let us have a syringe so baby doll could get her shot....

...and a band aid that matched her mama's. 

Tears all gone - just smiles and the confidence that we're doing everything we can to keep Bennett healthy!

After flu shots and errands, we celebrated Bennett with a Pizookie from BJ's.  Here's to double digits, Bennett!  May we find a cure for cystic fibrosis and, maybe one day, even celebrate you in the triple digits!  Happy Birthday!!

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