07 August 2018

Summer Adventures 2018

It's been a while since I've posted so I thought I'd share pictures of our family's adventures this summer:

In June, Bennett entertained us as a Oompa Loompa in the Waco High School sponsored children's theatre production of, "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."

Bennett really loves singing, dancing and making people laugh so it's no surprise that theatre is right up his alley.  We did have one day at theatre camp where a little boy a few years younger than Bennett accidentally pulled out Bennett's g-tube while he and Bennett were playing chase.  It was pretty stressful because I didn't have a necessary tools to put his g-tube back in quickly.  We worried we would have to go to the ER to have them help us.  But, fortunately, we were able to get the syringe we needed to put it back in.  I figured Bennett would be so shook up after this situation, he might not want to return back to the theatre camp afterwards.  But, he did want to go back.  I cherished this moment because, as Brian pointed out later, it was an example of how Bennett has developed the emotional resources to withstand the interruptions CF has in his life.  His resilience is admirable.  Despite being in tears and afraid he was going to the hospital one moment, the next moment, he was wanting to get back to theatre.

Recognizing that the kids are beginning to appreciate theatre productions more and more, Brian and I decided to take the kids to their first Broadway musical, "The Lion King" in Dallas this summer.  The boys loved it.  Avonlea did too but the play started her bedtime so she was anxious for it to be over towards the end.  The funniest moment for me was, at climax of the play, during one of the moments when the entire theatre was silent, Avonlea drew a deep breath, sighed loudly and with resign said outloud "I like the movie better."  Obviously, she's still learning the value of live plays.

In July, our family traveled to Florida and enjoyed some time at the beach.  Oliver says he would live at the beach if he could.

Of course, our biggest adventure this summer was moving to a new home.  We moved after eight very special years in our home in Waco.  It was hard to leave the home in which we brought Bennett and Avonlea home from the hospital and from the only home Oliver remembers.  But, the good news for everybody is we moved just about 15 minutes away and we now have more space for our once-babies to grow into teenagers (which is happening faster than we'd like to admit).

Speaking of growing, Avonlea turned 5 years old this summer.  She's very proud to be so big and has declared that now she's five, she now should be eligible for a puppy. :)

Summer 2018 has been good to us.  And, I might be super excited about the next adventure this fall... (EDIT: oh no, I'm so sorry if this blogpost was misleading - no, I'm not pregnant!  It's not that kind of adventure news!! Our little family is very much complete! :))

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