15 April 2017

Colostomy Reversal Day 2

::Edit: Bennett was discharged on Day 3 (Saturday, April 15th).  We were thrilled to able to enjoy Easter as a family.::

Yesterday was full of a lot of things...but all of them good!!

1.) Bennett lost a tooth yesterday (anybody know if the tooth fairy visits the hospital)?!

2.) Bennett learned to play the Ukele during a Music Therapy session.  (I had no idea until admission that Children's even offered music therapy but we all loved it!)

3.) Some bunny (a secret little bunny) dropped off personalized little Easter baskets for each of the children yesterday.  They were thrilled!!  (If that was you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!)

3.) Bennett and Oliver had some sweet friends from Waco who came to visit!  Thank you for lunch and yummy goodies, Bauer family!

4.) Bennett was able to wear something more comfortable than his hospital gown all day because of "Luke's Fastbreaks"!  After our last hospitalization, I started searching the internet to see if I could buy more comfortable hospital gowns. The hospital ones get so old and are itchy. What I came across was "Luke's Fastbreaks" which is an soft cotton alternative to a hospital gown. Hospital gowns are usually necessary because of all of the tubes and cords that have to be worn during the hospitalization.

A young boy named Luke, who was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, came up with the brilliant idea of turning a long tshirt in to a hospital gown by adding rip-buttons along the side of a tshirt so it can handle the cords/tubing.  After designing such an awesome tshirt, he decided to make more so other kids like him could benefit.  I contacted Luke's Fastbreaks to see if I might be able to get one for Bennett.  They cheerfully sent us a few of them, along with some other really fun goodies. Outside of the shirt, we really loved the water bottle they sent as it was designed to allow drinking from it in the hospital bed!  Yay for really great innovation!!  Thank you Luke!!!

In addition, Luke's Fastbreaks asked us if there was a favorite Child Life Specialist they could honor in Bennett's name.  We picked Katie (Katie is who told Bennett about his ostomy during our last hospitalization, a huge support to me and Bennett during that time).  Luke's Fastbreaks will send Katie a little something to thank her for all she does for kids!

5.) Bennett felt good almost all day. We are hoping for discharge today!  He ate well, was in great spirits and was able to increase his lung therapy throughout the day.  His lungs continue to sound clear.  Bennett's IV blew in the afternoon so they pulled it out and started giving pain med orally.

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