05 May 2016

From Flower Girl to Fundraiser

Several months ago, my sweet cousin Megan, who works at Kendra Scott contacted me about holding a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fundraiser in Dallas in honor of Bennett.  I was so grateful for her thoughtfulness so eagerly accepted her offer! 

Megan holds a very special place in my heart.  She, along with her younger sister, Kendal, were flower girls in Brian's and my wedding back in 2004.  

Actually, scratch that, Megan was supposed to be there flower girl in our wedding and her little sister was supposed to be the bell ringer.  

Shortly before the wedding, Megan's little sister got scared at the thought of having to ring a bell down the aisle and announcing, "the Bride is coming!"  So, big sister Megan happily switched roles with her.

These little sisters were by far the best part of our wedding!  It's hard to believe Brian and I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  Once eight-year old Megan is now well in to college.  

Megan (on the left) might not be a little girl any more but she's no less brave or willing to step up when there's a need. This is why I was so touched by her desire to help us raise money for a cure for Bennett this year.  Not only did she advocate her boss, Jenn (on the right) to throw this special Kendra Scott event for us but she did so in such a way that a lot of money was raised within 3 hours for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Bennett: $1695!!!!!!!!

Kendra Scott stores are the best.  They are such delightful places to visit.  The color bar is pure eye candy.

The night we attended the Kendra Scott Plano store event, it was bustling with people.  Kendra Scott offers so many simple pieces of beautiful jewelry.  The company was begun by a woman and is based out of Austin, TX.  So, needless to say, ladies in Texas love their KS.

These are just some of the pieces I fell in love with.  The jewels are so fun!  Avonlea and I were equally delighting in all the sparkles! :)

Of course, one of my favorite sparkles showed up right before we left for the night.  My sweet friend and Univ of Missouri Kappa Delta sister Megan came after work to support Bennett.  Megan, who lives in Dallas, has been at every one of our Kendra Scott parties to support Bennett.  What a gem she is!  And what is special about Megan, beyond that her heart is one of gold, is that she and I share a lot of sweet friends in common who live too far away to be able to physically be at Bennett's fundraisers.  But Megan does such an amazing thing for me, she constantly reminds me that she is representing all of them and brings them with her in spirit.  Megan is currently pregnant with her first, a baby girl, so it won't be long before Megan and mini-Megan will be shopping Kendra Scott together! :)

The kids did really great at the party.  They ate up a couple of the cupcakes and then went outside the store to play on the sidewalk.  Apparently, at one point in the evening, Oliver approached one of the customers who was buying something and said, "You know, when you buy that, you are helping to find a cure for my brother."  Then, according to the store clerk, Oliver brought Bennett over to the customer to see and said, "see, this is my brother Bennett.  He has cystic fibrosis.  You are helping him"  The customer, a middle aged woman, seemed touched.  As she finished up her purchase, she smiled and said to me, "I hope he feels better soon."  It was a really special night for our entire family, for which I am thankful.

Megan, thank you (and Kendal) for bringing joy to our wedding day...

...and thank you, your family (pictured) and each of your co-workers for loving and supporting our now-family-of-5 in the midst of Bennett's battle against cystic fibrosis!!  We love you!!

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