05 January 2016

Bennett's "Sith" Star Wars Birthday

In honor of the release of the newest Star Wars movie, I thought I'd share pictures from Bennett's 6th Birthday Party from a few months ago.

Oliver and Bennett love playing with their light sabers all day so it only natural Bennett would choose "Star Wars" for a birthday party theme.  This year we had a very small intimate gathering of family and a few of Bennett's close friends to our home to celebrate Bennett's turning 6 years old.  I love themed parties so this was as much fun for me as it was for Bennett.

Bennett really wanted a Millennium Falcon cake this year.  Although I had originally hoped to make his cake this year, it was clear that when he asked for a Millennium Falcon cake, my basic from-a-box cake-making skills would not suffice.  We used a local baker instead.

Speaking of cake, in the past, a very talented local baker and friend, Paola, has made Bennett's birthday cake as a very generous gift for Bennett each year.  Her cakes have always been the highlight of his party.  However, this summer, Paola moved to Florida.  We were really sad to see she and her leave Waco.  But, imagine our surprise when, all of the sudden, a few days before Bennett's party, we found a box from Paola sitting on our doorstep.  Inside were Star Wars cookies made especially for Bennett!  They were such a hit!  In fact, the cookies went so fast, I never even got a picture of the boys eating them to send her!  Boo! Nonetheless, we were so delighted to have Paola's presence at our birthday cake table again at this year's birthday party just as it has been in years' past!  Thank you Paola for being so kind to send such gorgeous cookies all the way from Florida to Texas for our sweet boy!!  It was very meaningful to have you be a part of his special day! :)

We kept the decorations simple as it was a beautiful day to enjoy outside.  The silver lantern hanging above the table is actually painted as a "death star" (exactly what a death star is, I dunno...I've never actually seen the movies!)

 We filled a Storm Trooper bucket full of "Hans" Rolos. (<-- i="">see what I did right there?

Oliver, in particular, loves the Star Wars tie-fighters.  So, we made miniature tie-fighter cookies, out of mini marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and placed between two Oreo crisps.

These adorable Storm Trooper marshmallows were super easy and fun to make.  I found the idea here.

I don't even remember the name of these star cookies but one of my favorite things about preparing for theme-parties is looking for the "surprise" foods found at the grocery store that match a theme of the party I'm throwing.  I had no idea anybody even made "star" cookies.  But they worked perfectly with our "star" wars theme!

Happy birthday, Bennett!  We are so thankful for the last 6 years you have provided to us with your laughter and love of life.  We have enjoyed watching you grow and been so impressed by how your bravery shines through whatever you do.  We look forward to many many more birthdays to come!!

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  1. Looks like a great party! I love all the creative food


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