10 November 2015

Pumpkin Pictures 2015

Every year (since Bennett was just a year old),  I have taken pictures of the kids outside with a pumpkin in October.  I love getting to see how much they grow in a year.

Here are this year's pumpkin pictures (see all of Bennett's past pumpkin pictures are at the end):

These two are best of friends.  Avonlea asks for Bennett every morning when she wakes.  Bennett loves to push Avonlea on the swingset outside.  They love watching TV together.  They love to wrestle with each other.  They are truly best buddies.

2015: Avonlea, 2 years

2015: Oliver, 7 years

2015: Bennett, 6 years old

2014: Bennett, 5 years old

2013: Bennett, 4 years old

2012: Bennett, 3 Years Old

2011: Bennett, 2 Years Old

2010: Bennett, 1 Year Old

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