31 October 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween

...from our littlest Tango dancer, our bravest Spanish superhero, Zorro, 
and everyone's favorite, our playful Pinata!

A big thank you to my friend Margaret who helped sew lace on a black skirt and the top of a red leotard.  Finding am already-made toddler flamenco dancer costume was a bit challenging.  :)

Zorro was an easy costume to pull together.  Oliver's favorite part of his costume was his sword.  The mustache idea was his own. :)

I made Bennett's pinata costume by hot gluing strips of felt on a an oversized one-piece pair of pajamas.  It took forever but it was well worth it!  He loved seeing people laugh when he told them he was a pinata.  Brian and I thought this costume so well reflected his personality!

We have had quite a few rainy days in Texas lately so we were worried that Halloween might be cancelled.  Thankfully, it cleared up a few hours before go time.  All three kids loved trick or treating this year.  Oliver enjoyed explaining each of the kids' costumes.  At one point he said, "I'm Zorro.  He's a pinata.  And she's a Spanish princess."

Bennett, the most social of the three kids, really enjoyed thanking people for the candy and telling them "happy halloween."  At one point in our trick or treat outing, we came across a house in which a neighbor, dressed as a witch, was standing outside making scary hallowing noises.  Bennett, confident that he did not need to be scared, walked up to the neighbor lady and said, "I really like your voice.  You make really good scary noises!"  It made the neighbor's day.

Avonlea cracked us up tonight.  Earlier in the day, Brian and I had practiced with her how to knock on a door and say "trick or treat." But all that practice went right out the window when Avonlea got up to the first house.  Tightly clutching her pumpkin bucket (which she called her "purse"), Avonlea went up to the first house, knocked with her tiny fist and then shouted loudly: "Open the door!!"

Thankful for moments like these,

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