26 July 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Avonlea!

Happy Birthday to the baby of our family!  

Our littlest love turned 2 yesterday, which is hard for Brian and I to believe!  What a joy she is!

Avonlea is charming, tender and fiercely independent.  She is peaceful and patient, confident and kind.

Her favorite things to do are reading books, playing with puzzles, getting in to Bennett's Legos, pushing her baby in the stroller, wearing her Mama's shoes, singing "Let it go" with full abandonment, climbing and swinging.

Avonlea and Bennett are the best of playmates.  He often makes her laugh and loves play wrestling with her. She tends to look to Oliver to guide and teach her, especially when she's in need.

Avonlea, who arrived after Cystic Fibrosis had made it's presence in our family, has always seemed like the rainbow after the storm.

She doesn't know about CF yet.  She just knows that she likes to wear Bennett's vest in the mornings and rushes to hop up on the couch every time we pull it out for Bennett to put on.  She knows that Bennett's medicines sure look like the right size to put in the fish tank to see what happens.  She sees Bennett cry and, without missing a beat, will throw her arms around him to give him a hug.

We had a quiet family celebration for her birthday this year.  I'm beginning to realize the difficulty of having a summer birthday - everybody is out of town when it comes time to celebrate. But the best part of being the youngest in the family of 5 is you always have an instant party ready to go!

Avonlea, we are immensely thankful for all the love and joy that you bring to our family!
Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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