15 January 2015

We are still waiting for our room.

Brian and I were able to come see Bennett as he was waking up.  Fortunately, he woke up very peacefully.

I knew things were going well when he looked at his hand and said, "I look like a Ninja Turtle!"

The nurse came back with some Ninja Turtle stickers and I realized, he really does!

See, on the sticker, the purple thing around the Ninja Turtle's hand?

 Bennett and his Recovery Room nurse talk coloring and Spiderman.

The nurse gave him some Gatorade and, eventually, a popsicicle.  It didn't take too long before he started to ask for food.  His request?  Pizza and Cheetos!

The hospital is very full so we have been waiting for several hours and are still waiting to move from Recovery Room to a Hospital Room.

However, to my surprise, we have been told that, as well as Bennett is doing and as successful the surgery went, we may not even have to stay one night, much less 2!  I'm ecstatic!

We will be admitted to a room but they will continue to monitor him and, I suppose, let us go at some point.  The hospital moves very slowly so I've learned to be very patient with the process.

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