05 January 2015

Surgery/Hospitalization for Bennett next week

In the last few months, Bennett's issues with rectal prolapse, a complication of his having Cystic Fibrosis, have become increasingly more difficult to manage.  What was once the occasional issue with rectal prolapse has now become an every day occurrence making it difficult for Bennett to be independent when he goes to the bathroom.

So, recently, we approached Bennett's pediatric surgeon regarding options for what we could do. After extensive conversation, we agreed Bennett would need to have surgery to fix his rectal prolapse.

Bennett's surgery is planned for January 15th at Scott and White Children's Hospital in Temple, TX. This will be his third surgery to correct this problem.

The surgeon is hoping she can do the surgery laparoscopically and possibly resolve the issue for him once and for all.  Bennett is expected to be in the hospital for several nights.

Although this is disappointing to have to put our little guy under again and risk an infection in his lungs, we have the blessing of all of the doctors involved in his care.  It's the best thing to do.  And, although we dread having to go through with Bennett's fifth surgery in five years, we are incredibly thankful that this hospitalization is not due to lung issues.

In preparation for surgery, Brian and I have been talking to Bennett about whether or not he'd like "his bottom fixed."  Since his rectal prolapse has caused him a lack of independence with regard to going to the bathroom, he is looking forward to having the doctor fix him.  We're not really sure he fully understands what it's going to be like to have surgery.

Although he had surgery to correct this problem two year ago, he was still young enough not to remember it (or even the one before that) so are thankful he feels positive towards a hospital stay, rather than being opposed to it.  We are hoping to make his hospital experience as fun and enjoyable as possible!


On that note, I wanted to share about our little friend from North Carolina who is going to be having surgery around the same time as Bennett.  Evan, the son of our friends Cynthia and Tim, is having surgery for a completely different reason than Bennett but our hearts and prayers are with him and his family as they anticipate Evan's cranial surgery on January 14th.

It's ironic that Cynthia and Tim are headed to Dallas, Texas, to have cranial surgery for Evan, at almost the exact same time Brian and I will be admitting Bennett for surgery...because it feels like our families' lives are intertwined once again.  Cynthia and I were pregnant with our first children at nearly the same time.  A few months after I gave birth to Oliver, Cynthia gave birth to her daughter Cara.  However, Cara was unexpectedly stillborn.  This was terribly painful for Brian and I to watch our friends grieve the loss of their first child.

But, it was Cynthia's loss of Cara at 38 weeks pregnant that actually prompted me to get Bennett monitored when I felt him stop moving in my womb at 38 weeks, something that, turns out, saved his life.

Just days after Bennett was born and we were beginning our life with Cystic Fibrosis, Cynthia and Tim welcomed to the world their second daughter, Molly.  Their son, Evan, was born a few years later.

Tim and Cynthia created a Bennett's Brigade team in the Raleigh-Durham, NC, area and has been so incredibly supportive in our efforts to find Bennett a cure.  So, I feel honored to be able to join Tim and Cynthia in Dallas during their son's surgery - not just because it will be so wonderful to see our friends again, but also because I can continue to share in the intertwining of grief and joy that Tim, Cynthia, Brian and I have experienced from the very beginning of each of our journeys into parenthood.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this, Breck! Will definitely be praying for you all, especially your big, strong, fighter boy!

  2. That is very unfortunate that your son has rectal prolapse and has issues going to the bathroom on his own. Maybe he can get help from a rectal surgeon to figure things out and possible fix the issue. I just do not like knowing the fact that this is something that he has to deal with at such a young age, let alone at all. He is strong though and I wish you son Bennett the best of luck.


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