15 January 2015

How Bennett is doing...

Bennett did amazing this morning!!

He was SO excited to go to the hospital and to get his "bottom fixed"!  He literally jumped out of bed cheering!  Bennett was even more delighted when I told him he could wear his Spiderman pajamas and Ninja Turtles slippers to the hospital.  He carried his beloved stuffed dog named Douglas and a tiny stuffed Dolphin with him all morning.

 The nurses were absolutely great with him today.  They explained his blood pressure cuff was a "muscle checker" to see how strong he was.  They made sure to explain everything to him so there were no surprises.  And the nurse even made sure to listen to his stuff Dolphin's heart before she listened Bennett's heart.

"Dolphin Friend" gets his heart checked too.

I requested Bennett be given the medication Versed to get him asleep.  It's like giving the kid a margarita.

Versed made Bennett very loopy, playful and, eventually, sleepy.  My favorite part about Versed is that it has amnesia qualities to it so Bennett won't even remember us wheeling him back to the OR.

For all the bad hospital/surgery/doctor experiences we've had, this one, so far, might just be the best we've ever had.  It not only helps that we know the staff and feel confident in our team, but that Bennett fully buys in to what we are doing and is happy to go along.  We'll see how he does on the other side of things once he wakes up in pain.  But, his great attitude does help calm my mama heart.

P.S. Brian and I also feel incredibly loved by all the text messages and FB messages we have been receiving this morning and over the last two days.  I can't even describe how loved we feel this morning.

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