16 January 2015

Hospital is full. Bennett is a rock star. We are going home!

We think Dr. Perger may have gone up to the floor to check on Bennett but she didn't find him.  Because we aren't there...and never have been.

The truth is, we never made it out of the Recovery Room.  Instead, we spent 5+ hours in the Recovery Room.  Five!

This is not usual.  I have gathered it may have been an issue with a full hospital and a shortened cleaning staff.

(Bennett is smiling because he learned that if he needs another popsicle, he just pushes this red button.)

But, for whatever the reason, Dr. Perger came back down to the Recovery Room to find us.

And this is what she found:

Bennett has done phenomenal with his recovery.  Even better than THEY expected.
So, she decided to release us!

Whooo-hooo!!!  We are headed HOME!!

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