15 January 2015

Bennett is in surgery now.

Bennett went back around 9am.

Dr. Kress, the ENT, will go first and get a bronchoscopy.  Then, Dr. Perger, the pediatric surgeon, will fix Bennett's rectal prolapse after that.

This is our third rectal prolapse surgery.  Dr. Perger used the altemeier procedure  the first time.  She used glucose injections the second time.  This time she is planning to use something that is in between both of those...not as invasive as the altemeier procedure and resection of the bowel but something more permanent than glucose injections.

Dr. Perger is doing what is called a "Laparoscopic Rectopexy."  This involves "keyhole incisions" in the abdomen and tying up the bowel to the sacrum bone.

We should hear in a bit how things are going.  From the conversations I had with Dr. Perger, she is confident this will help.  She is really hopeful this might last a long time.  But she did indicate again that there is not surgery that will take care of it for forever.  The bowel is not like an appendage that, once removed, does not grow back. The intestines always grow back so that is why we may end up having to do this again in the future.  But all of us are hopeful this might work for a very long time.

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