30 January 2015

An update on Bennett

I wanted to post an update on Bennett.  Bennett is doing extremely well since his surgery.  He has been able to go to the bathroom without rectal prolapse affecting him anymore, which has now led us to the final stage of potty training - how to wipe appropriately all by yourself!  We are also most there. :)

Here are a few pictures of just some of the love Bennett received both in the hospital and after arriving home.  Thank you to those who wanted to make sure he had something tangible to know he was being prayed for and thought about.  Surprises, such as these, help Bennett associate hospitalizations/painful procedures with a Christmas or Birthday-like joy.  This is exactly why I think he went in to the surgery with such a joyful spirit.  He had been treated well during his last surgery so I believe, going in to this surgery, he thought, "this is going to be fun!" (which it was!).

Bennett, always with a sweet spirit, chose to share his gifts with Oliver.  Oliver never indicates to us that he is ever jealous or upset at Bennett.  He knows that Bennett has to go through a lot.  In fact, both boys seem to have a real understanding of and love for each other.  They know one is in pain, the other is not - one gets gifts, the other doesn't - they both seem to go through each other's pain and joy together.

The surprises sent by friends and family were not all just for Bennett.  Oliver did receive a few of special gifts of love, as several friends made sure to remember our entire family when they sent packages - something we had no expected at all.  Even sweet little Avonlea received a surprise - her first dress-up play dress.  

In addition to surprises, our sweet  and always supportive Waco friend Kimberly Back made sure to bring us a meal after we got home from the hospital, which we very much appreciated.  I wish I had a picture of what she brought us - but we devoured the meal too quickly. :)

And, this package, pictured above, was very meaningful, as written in the card were the words "with more love than could ever fit in a box."  It was like receiving a hug from friends far away.  I just had to laugh when I found included the box a roll of coins, which represented the diet cokes they would have liked to have mailed me.  My girl friends know me well. :)

Thank you to all who sent love, in whatever way you did - text, calls, emails, FB messages, gifts, meals, visits, etc.  You are those who make the unbearable bearable.  We felt and still do feel immensely loved.

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