15 January 2015

A million reasons to be thankful!

Our family has a million reasons to be thankful tonight.  My half-hour drive back to Waco this evening was 30 miles of prayerful thanksgiving...

We are thankful for being able to give treatments at home tonight - no need to worry about picking up a lung infection at the hospital, no need to stay in isolation while we are admitted, no need to get permission to unhook wires or give medications.

We are thankful for a hand-painted sign from Avonlea's 1-year-old class that hung over back door when we arrived home tonight.

We are thankful a giant get well card covered in signatures of some of the boys' school friends, teachers and administrators (and adorable fingerprints of those children too young to yet spell their name).

We are thankful for handwritten cards and pictures to Bennett from each of his preschool classmates.

We are thankful for a dear friend who gave up her day to watch Avonlea and put the girls in tutus to play basketball while Bennett was in surgery.

We are thankful for another dear friend who invited Oliver to spend the night, who took him to school this morning and who even helped him finish his spelling homework last night so I could finish packing for our expected 2-night stay.

We are thankful for the many texts, FB comments, emails, calls and tokens of love sent to us throughout the day and over the last week just to let us know Bennett is loved.

We are thankful for the gifts Bennett received to brighten up his day, including those still yet unopened but sent from friends from far away.

We are thankful for a nurse who told her colleague today, "this child is one of my very favorite patients."

We are thankful for a fellow CF mom and friend who dropped off handmade cookies today and stopped by to let us know she was determined that other CF families like hers never feel alone.

We are thankful for a high pain-tolerant child, who, despite having a chronic illness, sees world around him as a place full of joy and possibilities.

And we are thankful for the many many prayers sent up on our behalf.  It was so absolutely clear that God was present with us in every single aspect of today.

Ending the day fully exhausted but with much thankfulness,


  1. It takes a strong God fearing and God serving woman to find reasons to be thankful when your son has surgery. Beautiful response! Love you and praying for healing, rest, and recovery.

  2. Thought about you all day yesterday. You are lucky indeed! - Jbeeler


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