15 November 2014

2014 Pumpkin Patch

One of our favorite fall family traditions in Waco is visiting a local pumpkin patch with our friends, the Carney's.  

For the first time in 5 years, we decided to take a picture of both of our families together.  Since we first began pumpkin-patching together 5 years ago, we have added 4 new children between us.

This was Avonlea's first year to visit the animals at the Pumpkin Patch.

She was curious but not that thrilled to have all this big animals around her.  (Notice in this picture how Avonlea pulled her legs up really high to keep that sheep away from her. ;))

The kids' favorite activity at the Pumpkin Patch is the "train"...which is really just a tractor pulling little carts around the farm while the man driving the tractor blows a wooden train whistle.  The kids eat it up each year.

Bennett and Avonlea

Oliver and Roy, our big boys!

All aboard!?!!

Our family picture

After 5 years of doing this, I've given up trying to get "the perfect picture."  I'm just happy to get everybody in the picture.  Clearly, we almost nailed it.  Can somebody pick the baby back up, please?

Our friend Brian happen to come visit our family this weekend.

We love Brian.  Brian, Brian and I knew each other way back when we all attended the same church at the University of Missouri.

Brian is Oliver's godfather so it was very special for Oliver to spend some special time with his godfather over the weekend.

After a few hours of taking picture, petting the animals, painting pumpkins and enjoying the corn maze, we all ended our visit to the pumpkin patch with the most natural thing you do when you visit a Texas pumpkin patch:  In full celebration of Fall, we ate ice cream! :)

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