30 September 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Bennett!!

Today, Bennett turned five years old!!  
September 30, 2014

Bennett, you've come a long way baby:
September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, our sweet boy!  You are full of energy and keep us regularly entertained.  You take nothing too seriously and find the best in everything.  You rarely, if ever, complain about doing your treatments or taking your medicine!  You are very brave.  You are compliant and helpful, tender and kind.  You're also very smart.  Bennett, you are a delightful little boy whom your father and I are proud to call our son.   While it's hard, at times, to watch you go through what you do, you remind us that life is short and to enjoy every minute of it!  Happy 5th birthday, Bennett!!

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  1. Happy birthday!! Blessings from Moorreesburg, South Africa!


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