05 September 2014

Everybody needs a little Ryan Seacrest in their life...

A while back, on the day when Bennett was given a CT Scan at Children's Medical Center and when we were walking around the hospital to become familiar with it, we happened upon the Ryan Seacrest Studios.  Brian and I brought the boys in to watch the live broadcast and to let the boys see how "radio" works.  Before we knew it, the boys were on air themselves! :)  They loved it!

Ryan Seacrest has used his Ryan Seacrest Foundation to set up "Ryan Seacrest Studios" at 7 different children's hospitals around the nation, including Children's in Dallas.  Ryan Seacrest Studios broadcasts throughout the hospital but most importantly into the children's hospital rooms where sick children confined to their hospital beds can watch and listen through their hospital TVs.  

If children feel well enough, they are invited to come join the Ryan Seacrest Studios team downstairs in the studio.  If they don't feel well enough, they can phone in song requests, play games through their room telephone and even win prizes that are delivered to their hospital rooms.

We didn't know exactly what we were getting in to when we sat down and the boys were invited to talk to the Ryan Seacrest Studios team using the big microphones.  But, the kids loved it.  The staff at Ryan Seacrest Studios explained to us that the children love to watch other children broadcasted on TV.

There were breaks like in all broadcasting.  The boys were given explanations of how the computers worked and what the broadcast team was doing any any given moment.

The boys had a chance to learn how TV and radio is broadcasted.  They also just got some personal attention from the staff, which they loved.

I had a chance to ask how often Ryan Seacrest comes to the studio.  The answer is that he hardly ever does (probably because he's an incredibly busy guy) but he does apparently send his celebrity friends from time to time to come visit the studios and spend time with children at the hospital.

After the boys were interviewed via the microphones, they were invited to play with the studio green screen.  The staff (made up of some paid staff and some volunteer staff) gave them the boys fun pretend backgrounds and let the kids just dance and play with it.  It was a lot of fun for them.    They loved pretending they had light sabers and loved pretending to battle.  The staff gave me a copy of their on-air play as a memento of our time there.

After spending almost an hour in the studio, we decided it was time to go.  But, even though we came to the hospital for a CT scan of Bennett's lungs, what we received from the hospital that day was so much more!  I am thankful for those who volunteer their time and resources to give sick children other things to think about than hospital tests!!    

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