08 July 2014

2014 Beach Pictures

We recently had a chance to visit the beach with family a few weeks ago.

The boys loved the beach, particularly Oliver, who enjoyed playing in the waves.  Bennett preferred to stay and play in the sand.  Avonlea had mixed feelings about it.  She found it all curious but was overwhelmed when the waves would come near her.  At one point, when I tried to let her stand up on the beach and let the water cover her toes, she refused to stand up straight. She did not prefer the unpredictability of the water rushing her feet. :)

I am thankful for our visit to the beach.  It was beautiful to enjoy God's creation of land and sea and to see it through the eyes of these sweet little people.

A little Instagram action going on here.

This is so "Bennett."  He is incredibly playful and can't help himself when there is an opportunity to make his sister laugh.  Compliant Oliver, always eager to please, worked hard to give me smiles.  Avonlea was just happy to be there. ;)

This picture cracks me up because of what happened a few minutes afterwards.  So, I told the boys: "ok, hold her hand and then on the count of three, I want you guys to all walk away from me."  Now, Avonlea can't necessarily walk on her own but she will if someone is holding her hand.

What was funny was that on the count of three, the boys took a step.  But, Avonlea, having no concept of this "1, 2, 3" thing, just stood there.

A second after I took this picture, the boys continued to walk away from me without letting go of her hand.  At this point, they are merely pulling Avonlea along with them.  Clearly, not getting the memo, her feet are still well planted in the stand, with no intention to go anywhere.

I didn't get the shot of this moment because I had to quickly put down my camera to keep them from causing her to faceplant in the sand while still holding her brother's hands.

Ha!  Oh well, we'll try this picture again, another year. :)

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