03 June 2014

Bennett's Brigade :: COLUMBIA, MO 2014

In the next few days, I will be posting pictures of all of our Bennett's Brigade teams at all of our Cystic Fibrosis Walks around the country.  I thought it would be special to begin with one of my favorites places on earth - Columbia, Missouri!! 

Erin, Paige, Kate, April, Gaby and Corrine
This was the very first year for the Columbia, Missouri - Bennett's Brigade team and what a gift it was, to have such sweet friends work so hard, to create a Bennett's Brigade team in the home of Brian's and my alma mater, the University of Missouri (MU)!

Thank you to my Kappa Delta sorority sister, Melissa (far left in picture above) for her work to bring Bennett's Brigade to CoMo.  Melissa reached out to our Kappa Delta chapter at MU and asked the college girls to participate.

Corrine, Erin, Gaby and sweet little Caroline
I had not really even thought a lot about using the amazing network of current Kappa Delta sorority sisters at Mizzou to help us raise money for CF.  So, I am so thankful for Melissa for thinking of this and vowing to make it an even stronger team next year!!

These college women came out to support Bennett, a child they have never met for a cause that they likely had never even heard before.  I am incredibly grateful to Erin, Paige, Kate, April, Gaby and Corrine!!  Thank you, also, to all who gave to the Columbia, Mo - Bennett's Brigade team to help them raise $150 this year for Bennett!!!!

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