29 May 2014

Oliver's Kindergarten Graduation 2014

Brian and I couldn't be any more proud of Bennett's big brother, Oliver, as he graduated Kindergarten today!  

It was such fun to see our oldest learn to read, write, add and subtract this past year.  And it's hard to believe we will do all of this all over again with Bennett in two short years!  

 Oliver has some of the very sweetest little classmates.  They all play together so well and love to encourage and support each other.  I am thankful he will be with most of them next year in first grade.

In honor of #throwbackthursday, I thought I'd compare Oliver's kindergarten graduation with my own exactly 18 years and 1 day ago. :)

I loved my kindergarten teacher as much as Oliver loved his!  I am so thankful for people who love and care for my children when I cannot be with them.

Congratulations, sweet Oliver!  We are so very proud of you!!

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