16 April 2014

VLC 2014: People I'm Privileged To Work Beside

This is my last blog post about the CF Foundation's 2014 Volunteer Leadership Conference...but it might just be my favorite one.

The following pictures are of just some of people I met at VLC and I am privileged to work beside in our quest for a cure for Bennett and all those with cystic fibrosis...

Bob Beall (CEO of the CF Foundation), myself, Brian and Dr. Preston Campbell (CFF Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs)

Paige (my co-chair of the Waco Great Strides CF Walk), Amy (our CFF Northeast Texas Executive Director) and me

Joe Flacco (you know, from the Baltimore Ravens, who has a 3 year old niece with Cystic Fibrosis) and Erin (CF mom of 4; one with CF)

Kathy (a CF mom to a sweet little 6 year old girl with CF), me and the band "Branch and Dean" -  Steve Branch (left) and Dean Scallon (right) performed at VLC and did an amazing job.  See their hit "The Dash" (written about Steve Branch's son who died of CF last year):

Catherine (another CF mom whom I originally met on Facebook); She's pretty nifty because she has a salt room at her house for her son with CF

Mary Weiss, a CF mother who is known for her son coining the phrase "65 roses," his way of saying "cystic fibrosis."  Unfortunately, her son died this past year from CF.

Love love these girls!!  Angie and Mary (both CF moms)
Angie was one of this year's VLC co-chairs and has two daughters with CF.
Mary is mama to two little boys with CF.  Read Mary's blog here:

Rebecca and Brock (CF mom and dad to a son with CF); See Rebecca's blog here:

Rebecca (CF mom to a little girl with CF); see Rebecca's blog here:

Erin and Martin (CF mom and dad); See Erin's blog here:

Margarete and Mark Cassalina (CF mom and dad of two children with CF, one of whom is living.  Margarete is the author of the book "Barely Breathing")

Cory and Jennifer (CF dad and mom to two little ones with CF)
I was super excited to meet Cory and Jennifer again.  I had originally met them while at a CF function in Fort Worth.  But, then, our connection grew stronger when we realized we share several mutual friends in Texas.  Big state, Small world.

Of course, my favorite person I'm privileged to work beside: my husband and Bennett's daddy.  I feel like the luckiest girl.

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