12 December 2013

Baby Elves x 3

Over the Thanksgiving break, I found this Christmas outfit that each of the boys wore on their first Christmas.  This prompted me to find a blog post where I compared my little boys on their first Christmas (  I figured I'd compare Avonlea with them as well!

 Avonlea - 2013, 4 months old
All three kiddos were born in the fall, so all kids got to wear the outfit...but Avonlea just barely fits in it!  It might not look like it but her toes practically poke out when you stand her up in it. :) 

Since I had taken a picture of each of the boys asleep in this outfit, I had to wait until Avonlea fell asleep to take pictures to compare how much she looks like her brothers.  Fortunately, she decided to comply. :)  

Oliver - 2007 - almost 2 months old

Bennett - 2009 - almost 3 months old

Avonlea - 2013, 4 months old

Close Up of Oliver - 2009 - almost 2 months old

Close Up of Bennett - 2009 - almost 3 months old

Close Up of Avonlea - 2013 - 4 months old

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