01 November 2013

Comparing Pumpkin Pictures

As I do each fall, I took the kids pictures with our pumpkins.  Here are how much Bennett has changed through the last 4 years:

2010: 1 Year Old

2011: 2 Years Old

2012: 3 Years Old

2013: 4 years old

Here is how these sweet brothers have changed:

2011: Brothers (Bennett, 2 years; Oliver, 4 years)

2012: Brothers (Bennett, 3 years; Oliver, 5 years)

2013: Brothers (Bennett, 4 years; Oliver, 6 years)

This was our first Fall with three children:

2013: All the Gamel Kids (Avonlea, 3 months; Bennett, 4 years; Oliver, 6 years)

2013: The outtake. :)

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