29 October 2013

The Tooth Fairy Comes For A Visit

Recently, our kindergartener lost his first tooth.  Oliver had been eating pretzels during lunch when "it just fell out."  He was SO excited!

So, for the first time ever in the Gamel family household, a tiny baby tooth sat underneath a child's pillow awaiting the arrival of the Tooth Fairy.

Thank goodness for Pinterest!  The Tooth Fairy made sure to leave not just a dollar but a dollar with fairy dust on well as a tiny little letter written by the Tooth Fairy herself.


Oliver has loved being toothless.  He feels so grown up.  The funniest thing happened shortly after Oliver awoke to find the surprises left by the Tooth Fairy.  I caught him repeatedly throwing his dollar in the air and watching it slowly fall to the ground.  When I asked him what he was doing, he said, "trying to see if my dollar will fly... because it has fairy dust on it." :)  

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