26 October 2013

A difficult goodbye.

Our friend David, the father of Bennett's best friend, Parker, passed away this evening.

While it has been known for some time that David was dying, this knowledge has done nothing to make the loss of him any easier.  Death is a loss that feels so final.  And that finality feels so very sad.

I had a chance to say goodbye to David a few days ago.  He wasn't able to speak very well but he did acknowledge me, which was such a gift to receive since I had not expected to receive it.

I was able to share with David how much Brian and I love him - and I was able to thank him for being there for our family in the way he and Dana were these last few years.  Many times, David and Dana helped relieve my stress by taking one or both of the kids for a few hours to the zoo or other activity in order to give me break at home.  David always did it cheerfully.

David is one of the best daddies I know.  He loved the heck out of his kids as well as his wife.  David was adventurous, interested, selfless and liked to laugh.  I found him to be caring and tender,  courageous and patient, smart and very competent.   David loved God and he was strong...very very strong.

One of the hardest things about the loss of David is knowing his two young children have lost their father's physical presence here on earth.  But something that comforts me greatly is knowing that Audrey and Parker have within them their Daddy's strength.   Just as their father demonstrated amazing resolve, I have no doubt they will, too, as they follow their mother's lead in creating a new normal for their family, never forgetting their father in the process.

David was much to young to leave us so soon.  
But I consider myself incredibly blessed to have known him as I did.
David's Memorial Service will be held next Saturday, November 2nd.  
Please keep Dana, Audrey and Parker in your prayers.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted.  Psalm 34:18a

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  1. I am deeply sorry for your family's loss and the loss in the physical sense of David Hurst from this world. You posted a link to the Hurst family blog when he was first diagnosed and I have been following it and praying for the Hurst's ever since... We will keep your family, the Hurst's and all those whose lives have been touched by David's in our prayers at this difficult time. With love, Tara Hurlburt


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