26 August 2013

The best big brothers a little girl could have.

Brian and I are often asked, "how are the boys handling having a new sister?" So, I thought I'd share a few pictures we have taken of the way they interact with Avonlea. 

The boys are amazing with her.  I think they think she is like their puppy dog.  They love loving on her, fetching whatever she needs, replacing her pacifier when she cries and sharing her with others.  I haven't seen any jealousy from either boy so far.

Oliver really loves feeding her and talking with her.  He does a really great job. It's amazing how useful five year olds really are!

He also loves kissing her.  In fact, both boys kiss her all day long.  I laugh because I can often be heard saying, "yes you can kiss her," "ok, but you already kissed her," "you can kiss her in a few minutes," "yes, you can kiss her again in a second when I put her down," "go to bed, you can kiss her in the morning." Ha!

Of course, Avonlea loves being cared for.  If this girl grows up spoiled, it won't just be Brian and me to blame. :)

Oliver loves to talk to her.  I often hear him whispering gentle things to her.   Oliver said today, "Baby Avonlea, you are the sweetest girl in the whole world."

Bennett is amazing at putting Avonlea's pacifier in her mouth.  The other day I heard her crying but couldn't get to her until I washed my hands.  Before I had a chance to dry my hands she stopped crying.  When I went to find out why, I realized Bennett had come into the kitchen and without asking had grabbed her bottle off the counter and placed it in her mouth.  It melted my heart to see him tend to her need.  She was, indeed, hungry and was more than happy to accept a bottle from her three year old brother.

Bennett is so tender with the baby.  He always wants to know where she is and if he can hug her.  He also loves to talk about how pretty she is and how much he loves her.  Should Avonlea grow up ever wondering if she is beautiful or wanted, she need do nothing more than ask her brothers. :)

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  1. How absolutely precious! I love how much Oliver & Bennett love their little sister. What a great gift to you and Brian!


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