18 August 2013

Bennett's Brigade - Santa Cruz!?!

I haven't finished posting about this year's Bennett's Brigade CF Walks (partly because I have been distracted due to our new little addition) but also because...(drum roll, please!!)...


Bennett's Brigade is going "from sea to shining sea!"  

We started out the year with Bennett's Brigade in North Carolina... 

Now, we are ending the year with Bennett's Brigade in California!!

Wilmington, NC to Waco, Texas to St. Louis, Missouri to Santa Cruz, California

There is no distance too far to help find a cure for Bennett!!  

Thanks to my sorority sister and sweet friend, Kerry Struttman, who is gathering friends and coworkers and creating a team in Santa Cruz, California!  What a gift of love!!

Kerry (seen here with her hubby and baby Quentin) contacted me a few months ago letting me know she would love to create a Bennett's Brigade in her area.  Kerry is a cardiac nurse who wanted to help and knew she knew others who might like to help as well!

When I asked Kerry what moved her from just being a supporter to taking an active role in helping us find a cure for Bennett, here is what Kerry said:

"I really started following your blog awhile back and seeing what Bennett goes through everyday and how strong of a kid he is, I wanted to help not just him, but all the kids out there. You have been a huge inspiration to me and I want to help in anyway. One of my favorite picture of you was at the Cystic Fibrosis walk this past year, I think it was Mother's Day and you looked so cute. I also saw the picture of the St. Louis girls and thought it looked so fun, and getting the group together has been fun, and I know the day of it will be a blast."  

Brian and I are HUGELY touched that Kerry, who is pregnant with a second baby on the way, would reach out to her network of friends and coworkers to help our son.  How do you ever find words to communicate what it means to have someone do this for you, for your son, for your family, for your heart??

And Kerry isn't the only supporter of Bennett's Brigade in the Golden State.  Our dear friend and Kappa Delta sorority sister Keight also lives in California.  Keight (seen in the picture below with her adorable little ones) has been a huge supporter of Bennett's Brigade for several years and is joining forces with Kerry to participate in this year's CF Walk and Bennett's Brigade - Santa Cruz.

We are beyond touched that Kerry and Keight would do this for us even as they are half way across the United States!  And for each of those who have financially donated to support Bennett's Brigade - Santa Cruz's fundraising goal and to help us find a cure for Bennett, THANK YOU!!!

Click here to help Kerry reach her personal goal and support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation:

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