10 August 2013

Avonlea's First Visit to the Doctor

A few days after we left the hospital, Brian, Mumsy and I took Avonlea to her first Pediatrician appointment.  

Avonlea is SUCH a good baby.  She is peaceful and so easy going.  She hardly cried at all during her appointment.

Big girl!  Avonlea weighed 7lbs, 2oz at birth but dropped to 6lbs, 9oz while in the hospital waiting for my breastmilk to come in.  She has since gained back her birth weight and more.

Dr. K is our Pediatrician, whom we love.  She has been SO good to us and taken great care of Bennett through many of his CF-related issues.  I am so thankful to have her care for another one of our children.
We haven't heard back from the doctor with regard to Avonlea's Cystic Fibrosis test.  The doctor said that the test typically takes 2+ weeks.  However, if the test is "bad", the test results typically come back sooner.  So, the longer we go without word, the more confident we are that everything is normal.

The nurse offered to take a picture of us before we left to document Avonlea's first check up. :)

Avonlea received thumbs up for good health from her first doctor appointment.  Now, we just wait for final word about the Cystic Fibrosis test!


  1. The fact that she is gaining weight is a very good sign! Victor kept losing weight until he started on enzymes. She looks very alert and lovely!

  2. She's indeed a good baby, BG! I remember when my son first visited the doctor. He cried so much! Hehe! Anyway, I'm glad you have Dr. K to take care of your kids. It's hard to find the right doctor to fulfill your medical needs, especially for the little ones. Well, I hope her Cystic Fibrosis test went well, too!

    Galen Grimaldo


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