25 July 2013

Getting ready for something special...

Swollen ankles? Check.
39 Weeks Pregnant? Check.
Changing of the guard with regard to the care of our little boys? Check.

Last day ever of being pregnant?  Check. Check. Check.

It's happening.  In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, Brian and I will be at the hospital to begin the induction of baby girl Gamel.
We chose an induction for several reasons, many of which I can share in another blog post.  But the gist of it is that it seems like the right thing to do for our little family.  

The doctor has monitored me very closely and we do not expect anything to go wrong or be wrong with our baby girl.  But the doctor felt very comfortable with helping calm my fears of baby loss or a sick NICU baby by helping me get this baby out and in to my arms as soon as it was safe.

My greatest desire is to see Baby Girl Gamel's birth be nothing like Bennett's, which was terrifying and so so very disappointing.  Thankfully, my OBGYN (who is like a Saint herself) has reassured me many times that she believes everything will go beautifully and that baby should be just fine.

So, as I close out my last day of pregnancy, I thought I'd share a few pictures of the last few weeks of my pregnancy, according to Instagram...

Recently, the baby has been big enough to hear her heartbeat through a stethescope (benifit of having a child with CF - I actually have a medical-grade stethoscope on hand).  We have all enjoyed comparing my heart beat to the baby's.

This picture is from when Bennett came over to give me one of the toys the boys were playing with and said, "this is for the baby to play with!" :)

Speaking of the boys, Oliver and Bennett's faces light up like it's Christmas each time they walk into her nursery (which is covered in pink).  They love to tell me things like "this room is so pretty!" and "ooh, I know your baby is going to love wearing that hairbow!"  (Bennett often calls her "your baby" but he clearly knows it's his too.)

Sometimes, I think the little boys are just mimicking my excitement.  They know it makes me happy so they enjoy being able to connect with me in that way.  But other times, I can tell that their delight is truly their own delight in what is to come.  Oliver told me yesterday, "mom, I can't even tell you how excited I am.  I don't even have the words."

Oliver has been particularly sweet about being the biggest brother and in wanting to help me.  He asked me the other day, "Mom, is there anything I can get for you?" (a mimic of what his father often asks me) and really really enjoys opening the doors for me when we are out and about.  I think this is a direct reflection of the love and care their father demonstrates towards me every day.  Brian has been one of the best examples of how they should respond to their Mama and baby sister.  I have loved seeing them own their own place as little men in the family. :)

As the countdown begins, I have started making sure everything is ready, including my toes. :)  It's nice for this to be my third pregnancy as it's much less stressful to prepare for a baby.

I have been given lots of little girls clothes from friends so this baby is well stocked with onesies and little dresses.  Although there is much I did not finish before today, I am thankful for Brian and my mom who worked tirelessly the last few days to help us get everything put together in time.

I will absolutely post pictures when she is here.  I am praying most for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.  This is an awesome experience and whatever God allows to happen, I will choose to feel very blessed to be a part of it!

As our royal little princess makes her grand entrance into the world tomorrow, may I just add that I fully expect there to be dancing in the streets and people filling their local pubs in celebration. British flags not necessary. :)  

Ha, I'm kidding.  But I do expect there will, at least, be celebrations tomorrow night within our little family tomorrow night, for sure.  The boys are beyond excited to see their new baby sister!

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  1. I have been following your blog for awhile now and just love reading your posts. I am a CF mommy as well to a 1 and a half year old little girl. She entered the world much like Bennett did. She was 5 weeks early and was born very early on Christmas morning of 2011. She was not breathing well on her own and her stomach was very large. She was sent to the NICU where she was born and then shortly there after was on a plane to the Children's Hospital in Kansas City, 3 hours away from us. She was taken into emergency exploratory surgery that afternoon and had bowel blockage. She was given an ileostomy. We were told from the beginning that was a sign of CF and that she would be tested for it. January 27th we were given the news that she did in fact have CF. She had a 2nd surgery in March to get her intestines reconnected and we were finally able to bring her home for the first time on April 10th. I just wanted to give you our little story and to let you know that I have prayed for you all and hope that your little girls birth is absolutely wonderful. While we are done having kids, I can say that I am sure I would share your same feelings about giving birth again after having been through what we have. Again, I will pray for you all and can't to see your baby girl and what her name will be. I love your boys names!

    Lyndy Burtrum


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