30 July 2013

Curious Brothers and a Birthday Twin

Oliver and Bennett are super sweet big brothers.  Bennett particularly loves to kiss Avonlea and sing her songs.  He calls her "Adamlee."  

Oliver loves to help with with the baby, by getting supplies I need for her or "entertaining" her when I have to briefly step away.

One evening while we were still in the hospital, the boys came up to see their baby sister and seemed more curious than the first time.

I tried to show them little features about her, such as the bracelet she has to wear in the hospital and her umbilical cord.

The boys were very interested in her umbilical cord as we had many times talked about how babies eat while in the womb.

For Avonlea, the hospital put her tracking/alarm device on her umbilical cord.  It would seem awfully heavy to me but I guess she didn't mind.

The boys were particularly interested in the making of her belly button...

...which led to a curiosity of their own belly buttons...

Bennett: "Show me mine, Daddy."

On a side note, I wanted to put up these picture of my friend Brittany who, pregnant with her baby girl six days after my due date, ended up going into natural labor the morning of my induction.  In fact, since my first name is Brittney, the hospital was initially confused when Brittany came to be admitted.  They thought she was me since my induction was down on the books.  Brittany laughed and said, "no, that's my friend."  To our delight, both of our little girls (Olivia and Avonlea) were born on the same day (within hours of each other) at the same hospital.

It was special to get to see Brittany and her husband while in the hospital.  We joked with our mutual friends how easy we had made it for them to come visit us in the hospital.

I think it's special that Avonlea will share a birthday with another little girl in the church nursery with her.  The girls' friendship started out very close from the very beginning - not only do their mothers share the same name and they share the same birthday, but Avonlea seemed to feel comfortable with Olivia almost immediately as she tried to "root" on her first little friend. :)


  1. So cute! I love seeing Avonlea with her first friend!

  2. Cute post Breck! One of my dear friends went into labor just after I had Jordyn. We had the same doctor and ended up being in rooms next to each other. Since I had a c-section our stays overlapped. We have a picture of our newbies together as well (they are 2 days apart). We also joked how we made it really easy for our friends to come visit! Your family of 5 is lookin' good girl! Congrats again.

    1. Thanks Jenny. That's so fun to have a friend in the hospital together. It's like a throw back to summer camp! :) Thanks so much for your congratulations! :)

  3. Love all the pictures you have. You are amazing at keeping up with all the "photo moments" through the kiddos lives. Congrats to you and your family! You look amazing after popping out a baby. :)


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