04 July 2013

Camping with the living room.

Oliver has many times requested that Brian take them camping.  So, we have been talking in the last few months about how to ease in to the idea.  We don't own our own tent or any supplies and we aren't really excited about buying anything until we know the boys are really old enough to enjoy it.  So, Brian thought the step-up strategy might be best:  let's start teaching the boys about camping by first doing so in our living room, then we can move to the backyard and then maybe to a real campground.

Camping in our living room was about as exciting as camping in the forest for these two!

The boys "camping trip" began with roasting Smores on the back porch.

Brian used an idea I had found on the internet: Terra Cotta Smores.  All went well until we realized we didn't have any lighter fluid.  So, Brian used gas (not the safest option...but at least it was effective).

The boys *loved* roasting Smores!!  They got to stay up late and roast marshmallows over a real fire.

Bennett was pretty cautious about the fire.

We gave the boys tiny little lanterns to use on the porch.  It may have been dark but it was evident by the fact that once all done, Bennett was sticky from head to toe.  He loved himself some chocolate and marshmallows!

Oliver loved everything about the experience. He was very interested in the use of gas on the charcoal and the potential of explosions.

Once inside, we had to make a clothing change.  Unfortunately, Smores are messy.  Thank goodness were just camping in our house!  After a late night snack, the boys moved to their homemade "blanket tents" and sleeping bags where they each found a glow stick to use while Daddy told them camp fire stories.

Glow-in-the-dark stars hung from the fan to give the illusion of a starry night under which all the boys slept.

Thanks to Brian's "Simply Rain" app on his phone, the boys fell asleep to the sound of rain and thunder.  Thankfully, there were no worries of mosquitoes or sticky hot Texas weather during this camp out.  Instead, it was filled with lots of Daddy time, in the comfort and safety of their own home - a perfect camping trip for this 3 and 5 year old.  And Daddy enjoyed the heck out of it, too!

(I really appreciated getting to assist in their camping activities and seeing the delight of their faces as Brian explained each time what they were going to get to do next.  But, can you guess my favorite part of the campout?  Getting to have the bed all to myself while Brian slept on the floor with the boys!  At nine months pregnant, it's the little things! :) )

The end of the boy's camping trip in the living room ended with a "campfire breakfast" of bananas, french toast logs and a strawberry fire.  (Idea found originally here.)


  1. That's just about the sweetest thing I've ever read! What awesome parents you guys are.

    1. Oh, that's one of the kindest things anyone could say. :) Thank you for your sweet comment. :)

  2. There's an app called "Relax Melodies" that has all kinds of interesting sound effects. It's meant to help you fall asleep, but it might be fun for playing pretend too. You can mix different sounds together, so I've put together one called Camping that has campfire, night, and owls. Evan likes to fall asleep to slow ocean waves.

    1. Oooh, that sounds great Stevi! I will definitely look in to that! Brian loves his rain noise maker so much at night that I often can't tell if it's actually raining or not. It's kinda weird when I think it's all pretend and wake up to find out there was a huge thunderstorm that actually came through. :) I love the idea of using Relax Melodies to listen to a campfire, night and owls! :)

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Right down to the stars on the fan....yall amaze me! What fun parents you are!!!

  4. This is really cute! Such a good idea while the kids are still young. Taking pillow forts to a whole new level!

    1. Thanks Lauren! :) I agree it does take pillow forts to a whole new level! :) It seemed exactly what the boys needed to quench their thirst for "camping" at ages 5 and 3.


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