11 May 2013

Meredith's Mom-To-Mom Fundraiser for Bennett

I received this surprise message from my sweet friend Meredith from Missouri the other day that I wanted to share.  She wrote...

"This may seem like it's totally coming out of left field, but God has really laid you and your family on my heart recently. Gracie (who is Bennett's age) had whooping cough for several weeks and had to have breathing treatments and medications galore and it gave me a taste of what you go through every day..."

"So, I participated in a mom-to-mom sale a couple of weeks ago and I set up my booth for Bennett..."

"I hope you don't mind that I borrowed a picture and used some of the verbiage from your video to make a poster for one of the tables..."

"I was very pleased that the total contributions were $97 and it's all for your little guy!  My kids have been praying for Bennett and it touches my heart that they have come together because of your son. So thank you!"

How can I ever fully express what a gift this means to me - to have a friend use their own creative talents to raise money to cure my son?  It is overwhelmingly touching and I feel so loved!!

Thank you, Meredith!!  Love you friend!! :)

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