04 April 2013

Gamel Easter Traditions 2013: Easter Morning

A few months before Easter, I sat down and gathered all of the best family Easter traditions I could find, especially those that tell the story of Easter.  This is one of several Easter traditions we have adopted in hopes it will help our children more deeply appreciate and understand what Easter is all about.  We are always looking for creative ways to teach our children about God and the world around us.  If you have a family Easter tradition to share, please leave it in the comment box below!

Each year, the Easter Bunny visits our house and leaves the boys a few new items (mainly candy or small toys) in their baskets.  We try make sure to explain that the surprise of receiving "new" things is a symbol of the surprise Jesus gave us when he arose from the dead and began the process of making the world anew.

A tradition we began this year is having the boys make "He is Risen" posters to put up in the house on Easter, a reminder Easter is a day to celebrate that Christ is alive.

I asked Oliver to write "He is Risen" at the top of the page and then draw something new.  Oliver drew a space shuttle with rocket boosters.  I suppose that counts! :)  (Bennett's "new" item for this tradition was the mere refusal to do it.  We'll work on that one more next Easter. :))

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