06 February 2013

Support Bennett's Brigade by Shopping Thirty-One Gifts!

A few weeks ago, when I began asking friends for suggestions on creative ways to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Bennett, my friend and sorority sister Ainslie offered to throw a Thirty-One Gifts party and donate a good portion of the profits to Bennett's Brigade. (Ainslie is also the founder/owner/blogger of who has generously shared our story on her blog in the past.)

I was excited about this opportunity!  I'm a huge fan of bags and anything that will help me get my life more organized.  Plus, I have heard great things about the items Thirty-One sells.  In addition, Ainslie has been such a sweet supporter of Bennett's Brigade so I greatly appreciated her offer to donate back to CF what she would otherwise make herself.

The Thirty-One sale goes until Sunday, February 10th.  To order, just go to  Click "My Parties" and find "Bennett's Brigade."  Then start shopping for the best ideas in organization and fashion for Spring 2013!!

I'm having a hard time figuring out what I'm going to buy.  But one of the things I am MOST excited about purchasing is going to help make our life with Cystic Fibrosis even better:

I'm so excited to *finally* find a tiny thermal pouch to keep Bennett's Pulmozyme vials cold when traveling.  Typically we use the smallest thermal lunch box we can find but it's like 4X too big for the space we need.  So, now we have a tiny pouch to carry just the right amount of medication!!  And the nice thing is, if I like that, I'm going to order the bigger one.  One day we'll be traveling with even more CF meds so I know it's a matter of time we'll need a bigger pouch.  Sooo excited!!

The other items I have heard are really wonderful (so they are on my list to purchase): the Large Utility Tote, the Town Blanket and the Retro Metro Bag.  Anybody else know of any other good Thirty-One bags I should put on my wish list?

Oh, and apparently there is a February Customer Special: For ever $31 spent, get a Keep-It Caddy for $5 ($22 value).  A pretty sweet deal, eh?

Now, let's go shopping and help find Bennett a cure!! :)

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