08 February 2013

Storm Chasing with a Click

One of my favorite parenting moments came at the end of Oliver's tornado-filled birthday in November of last year.  

Oliver opened his last present and then sighed, "oh, this still isn't my tornado camera..."  The forelorn look on his face was so evident.  Apparently, there was one gift that he wanted more than any other: a camera to take pictures of his tornadoes.

Too bad I had no idea he wanted a camera so badly.  But, thankfully, Christmas is only two months after his birthday...whew!!

So, it as really delightful when last week the storm clouds rolled through and Oliver got to use his new "tornado camera."  

Just to be clear.  The only reason he wanted a camera is for the sole purpose of capturing his tornadoes on camera.  Makes sense to me.  Can't be a storm chaser without a reliable camera.

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