04 January 2013

Christmas Tradition: "Happy Birthday Jesus" Cake

Here is another Christmas Tradition we love in our family... (sorry, we're almost done with Christmas posts...bear with me. :))

When Brian and his sister were children, Brian's family would sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus every Christmas.  Brian and I decided to continue this tradition with our boys but we decided to add a birthday cake. (Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth, afterall.)

This was our second year to participate in this tradition.  This year, both boys really enjoyed baking the cake with the help of Nana since we were in Missouri for the holidays.  (Thanks Nana!!)  We all really enjoyed eating the cake on Christmas Day.

Oliver insisted that we use the entire package of birthday candles for Jesus' cake.  When asked why we would need to use all of the candles, Oliver stated very matter of factly: "I'm five and Bennett is three.  And Jesus is bigger than all of us so we should use all nine!"

I couldn't really argue with such good reasoning, even though I did have to explain that Jesus wasn't 9 years old but was, in fact, more like 2012+ years old.  But that didn't really matter.  The boys were most delighted to sing "Happy Birthday," blow out the candles and enjoy cake.

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