23 December 2012

Visiting Santa 2012

One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is letting the boys visit Santa Claus.  Brian and I have found the very best Santa is found at the Bass Pro Shops.  

Bennett was such a trooper this year.  He didn't cry and was very brave.  Oliver soaked it up completely.  Oliver is such a serious child so he really studied Santa and tried to be on his best behavior.  Santa was one of the sweetest most genuine men I have ever met.  It melted my heart for the boys to have such a sweet experience.
Visiting Santa 2012
I was so disappointed that my new camera was autofocusing on me, which caused me to miss several really wonderful shots.  But, even if they turned out blurry, they still captured the magical moments.

Fully prepared to meet Santa, Oliver brought Santa a beautifully hand-colored picture of the very one thing Oliver wants more than anything else this Christmas: a tornado Pez dispenser.  

When I explained to Oliver that I didn't know if a tornado Pez dispenser even exists, Oliver quipped, "but Santa's elves can make anything, right??"  Oh. boy.  Believe me, I'm as excited as you to see how Santa pulls that one off! :)

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