01 November 2012

Trick or Treating 2012

The weather was beautiful this year!  It was like a perfect 70 degrees.  The boys were delighted to have my sister, Aunt Brooklyn, to join us on Halloween!  She surprised the boys when she decided to join their super hero force as Batgirl.

Both boys did awesome trick or treating this year.  Oliver was incredibly confident and knew the exact protocol for getting candy.  Bennett did really great too, although he eventually got tired of walking around the block.  It's a long way for a little guy, especially in superhero boots.  His pumpkin pail became heavy fast so Brian and I shared the responsibility for holding it.  Aunt Brook happily carried him much of the way towards the end.  He loved being in her arms.  At one point, I suggested that maybe Brook and he go home.  But he quickly piped up, "Me not tired!"  So, we carried on.

Both boys have found trick or treating to be frightening at times.  Some of the houses in our neighborhood do a wonderful job making it fun for older children with masks, scary music, fog machines and lights.  But those houses prematurely ended Bennett's trick or treating experience last year so we were determined to do what we could to prevent that from happening this year.

Every time we approached a "scary" house, we would say to the boys, "oh, look how silly scary this house is. Do you see that ghost that is trying to scary you.  Isn't that silly?"  Oliver seemed to really understand the difference between pretend and real so he took to this idea completely.  Fortunately, since Bennett follows Oliver's lead, he also seemed to appreciate the fact that scary things are really just silly and was very brave when approaching certain houses.  Still, we were surprised when Bennett began begging us to go back to the scariest house on the block.  All he wanted to do was see the scary ghosts.  

By the time we got back to our house to begin passing out our own candy to little trick or treaters, the neighborhood had become pretty quiet.  But the boys did enjoy a few visitors we had.  Oliver loved to open the door and quickly explained to children who were reaching for candy from our bucket, "no, don't grab.  I'm going to give it to you."  He wanted to be very clear that he had an important job and did not want any of these little children to take it from him.  We reassured him it was ok and that he could share that special job with them. :)

Brian and I were so proud of the boys this year.  They were so sweet walking up to the door and saying thank you to our neighbors (we just had to remind Oliver that he can't peek in their windows while he waits for them to arrive...we'll master that one next year).  It was obvious that the experience of trick or treating itself was more fun for them than the candy they were receiving...which is good since we limited them to only a few select pieces once they returned home.  I am so thankful for these sweet early childhood experiences with the boys.

Every childhood experience is special and important.  But with this little hero, they are even more so for our family.  This year's Halloween evening was such fun.  I can't wait to do it again next year!


  1. Love Aunt Brooklyn's costume! She is even cuter now than she was at 5 years old, and she was pretty darn cute then! What sweet boys!

    1. Scarlett, that's so sweet. I agree she was pretty darn cute at 5. (Still have the video of her and Sarah as little kids "ice skating" in bathing suits and roller blades on the street in front of our house. Cracks me up.) Hard to believe you and I have nearly 5 year olds ourselves! :)

  2. Your sister is awesome! And I'm so with you on the scary houses. It's sad really. Halloween should be for the kids!

    1. My sister is awesome, I agree. :) I know. I think they are probably focused on the older kids when they make it truly scary. So, we just start trick or treating when it's still light out so we can at least make it to a few houses before our night is potentially over. :)


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