23 November 2012

Surgery Scheduled

Bennett's Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Dentistry teams at Scott and White in Temple, TX have been able to coordinate both surgeries for this next Thursday, November 28th.

Brian and I are both relived.  We look forward to having Bennett feel better with regards to his rectal prolapse.  It will nice to have his teeth taken care of, as well.  We hope it will make him a better eater in the long term.

Bennett will still have his barium enema test (nicknamed "B.E." if you're in the medical field) but instead of the day after surgery, it has been moved to the day before.  Unfortunately, it's at 1pm in the afternoon, which means he can't eat all day long.  I'm hoping his overall lack of interest in food may work to our benefit in this situation.  He will be at school that day so I hope they can keep him entertained and focused on other things.  I am going to see if his teacher can take him out of the room during snack time (they are usually more than willing to help when they can).  We'll see how that goes.  Unfortunately, the Pediatric Surgeon wants to do the B.E. before surgery and that was the only time available.

Bennett has a pre-op appointment on Tuesday morning with the CF team at Scott and White to prepare for his surgery.  The Pediatric Dentist requested we get the CF Team at Scott and White involved (even though it's not our home CF clinic) so that the CF team can give the doctors performing the surgery, the nurses who are caring for Bennett before, after and during the surgery and the anesthesiologist pointers on how to keep Bennett's lungs healthy throughout the process.  It feels a little more scary when we have four separate doctors and departments involved with my little boy.  However, it's the best that every part of him is being cared for by the person who understands his needs best.

Although we do not use the CF Clinic at Scott and White (mainly because we are very happy with our team in Dallas), we have interacted with them once or twice when in the hospital at Scott and White.  They are made up of a good team and I look forward to having them aboard.  Our own CF doctor plans to call me early next week to weigh in her thoughts.  I have also decided to make sure our GI doctor at Scott and White be informed in our upcoming surgery.  Dr. J was disappointed during our last rectal prolapse surgery that he was not informed.  It's easy to forget he's even there since we haven't had to see him for a while.  But, I will make sure he knows too.  In all, that would make it six doctors and five Scott and White departments involved.  Geesh.  That's a lot of coordinating!

Bennett was supposed to have a CF clinic appointment in Dallas the day of surgery.  So, we have moved it a few weeks out.  From one appointment to the other, we go.

Apparently, the Pediatric Surgeon has decided to admit Bennett to the hospital after the surgery, so I am expecting a one-night stay.  Hopefully not more...and possibly not overnight.  I'm still unsure of their plans with that.

Anyway, we are thankful for quick scheduling of surgery and the hope of a quick recovery.  We are very happy to know he'll have a few weeks of follow up appointments before we have to travel for the holidays.

CF might complicate our life, but we're determined to keep our life-as-normal on schedule!

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