15 November 2012

Appointment with the Pediatric Surgeon

Today, we had an appointment with Bennett's Pediatric Surgeon, the same one who did Bennett's rectal prolapse surgery just under a year ago.

We discussed with her Bennett's recent issues with his rectal prolapse.  The surgeon was disappointed to see us back but agreed that we can't continue to let his rectal prolapse be a problem.

The surgeon suggested we do a barium enema test to see if his bowel has grown a lot and how loose it is.  She also checked out his sphincter muscle and found it is much stronger than before, which is wonderful.  So, the surgeon feels, at this point, we are looking for ways to "buy time" until Bennett gains more control over his muscles and then even "push it back in himself."

We are going to do the barium enema test in the next two weeks and then we will decide whether or not to go forward with surgery.  There is a chance we may just wait and see if it continues to be a problem.  I am fine either way.  I'd prefer we not do surgery but I would more prefer he not suffer from this embarrassing and often frightening problem.

I requested they sedate Bennett for his barium enema test.  I vividly remember our first test and it was horrible.  (This will be Bennett's 3rd barium enema test.)  The surgeon said she was happy to give him something to help him relax or be asleep.  That makes me feel much better because Bennett needs everything he can to help him feel safe.

If we do surgery again, we will likely do the exact same procedure, the altemeier procedure, as last time.  The surgeon prefers not to do abdominal surgery as it is a bigger, riskier surgery and may be complicated by the fact Bennett already has scar tissue in that area.

Sweet Bennett was so wonderful at his appointment yesterday.  He is becoming more comfortable with the doctor and feeling more confident with his role as a patient.  He was happy to let the doctor listen to his lungs and heart.  However, when she asked to do an exam on his bottom, he firmly resisted.

I later overheard his conversation with Daddy when we returned from the appointment.
Bennett said, "Me went to da doctor."
Brian asked, "Were you brave?"
Bennett replied, "Yes.  But I not like her touch my bottom."

I felt so badly for the kid.  And yet, I realize that with Cystic Fibrosis, all modesty goes out the window.   CF affects every part of the body...and every part of the body must be addressed by his physicians.  The good thing is this doctor is particularly sensitive about not being any more invasive than she has to be.

I don't look forward to the barium enema but it should be a fairly simple outpatient procedure and may help us decide on whether or not to go forward with surgery.


  1. I stumbled on your blog today and I'm glad I did it. This post spoke me, really. I don't know you and hope you don't mind stopping me on your site. I do believe in coincidences but not this time. I was supposed to stop by your blog. Hope Bennette won't get the surgery and will gain control over it. Good luck to your family.


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