25 October 2012

"Pumpkin's" TV Debut

A few weeks ago, after my posting pictures on the blog about the new Hill-Rom bear we received in the mail, KWTX's Emily Iazzetti host of MomsEveryday, a local mom's TV show in Central Texas contacted me.  She said she read the blog and found Bennett's bear to be adorable.  She asked if I would return to the show (I originally shared Bennett's story on MomsEveryday last May) and talk more about "Pumpkin."

So, last week, I came onset and participated in a 3-minute recorded interview, which aired live today.  Since the interview was recorded, I didn't get to see the interview right after I gave it so I have been so nervous all week to see how it turned out: "did I make any sense at all!?"  Thankfully, though, it looks like I did make some sort sense, afterall.

I am so touched to have been asked to share more about our journey with Bennett.  It's one of the weapons I feel I have against this horrible disease: to share our story with the hopes it helps others along the way.

(or click here:

Oh, a few other thoughts about this Bear with a Vest...Hill-Rom apparently made the tiny Vest with consideration to the fact it will fit an American Girl doll.  I thought that was so smart!!

And Melissa on Etsy who makes the Breathe Easier Nebulizer Mask Holder we use for Bennett's inhaled medications, worked with me to come up with a mask holder for "Pumpkin."  It turns out that "Pumpkin's ears are huge and much farther apart than Bennett's ears.  So, despite Melissa's best efforts (and she gave it a really good effort), the mask doesn't fit exactly right.  But it's good enough for Bennett to get the idea. :)

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  1. BRECK! You did an amazing job. I media train people all the time at work, and you were terrific! I love seeing how the Lord is using your gifts as a journalist and your ease with television cameras to help your son. Amazing. PS: You should send this clip to the Hill-Rom and CF PR teams. They'd love it!


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