23 August 2012

The beginning of School

After lots of summer traveling, we are finally back at home and settled in for the school year to begin.

The boys began school last week and are *loving* it!  Oliver has started Pre-Kindergarten.  Bennett is in the 2 year old class.  (He turns three at the end of September.)

I was stressed out last week when I learned that, of the children in Oliver's class last year, Oliver would be one of only 2 children to be moved to the other Pre-K class in his school.  I'm not exactly sure why they chose to keep the rest of the 7 children together in one class, but there was a momma-moment of distress when I felt my child had been possibly left out or singled out.  I was sad that he wouldn't be with his friends.  I was anxious that he wouldn't mesh well with the other class.  I was fearful that of the two teachers, the one he was being placed with would not be the best for him.

But, after a series of conversations, I rested and came to appreciate that while change is hard, change is not bad.  There are tons of little boys in his new class that he will likely love playing with.  Oliver's teacher is very experienced, capable and willing to work with me to meet his needs.  Oliver is adjusting to school slowly.  But, overall, is doing well.

Bennett, on the other hand, continues to amaze me.  He went off to his first day of school with no tears at all and absolutely loves school.  Bennett is very outgoing and loves to be around people.  So, he thrives at school and is frankly very disappointed he isn't allowed to go to school all five mornings like Oliver gets to do.  Bennett is particularly enjoying his new "big boy" status wearing his uniform and going to school like "big boys" do.

Add to his "big boy" status is that he has been using the bathroom on the potty like a big boy.  His preschool class focuses on potty training independence and has seen Bennett succeed in that area.  For a CF mom with CF diapers, I couldn't be more pleased!!

I have been asked recently, "so, now that the boys are in school, what are you going to do with your time?"  Ah, rest.  I'm going to rest....  And I'm going to catch up on all the things that have had to be put on the back burner for the last almost-three years due to CF.  I'm getting to do some little volunteer work, which makes me happy.  It feels good to have small adult projects I can focus on.  In addition, I have been attacking closets, messy drawers and the underside of beds that have not been organized in a looooong time.  It feels good to begin to sort through my life a little.  The last few years have been a blur, but I am started to catch up and I love it!

In the meantime, Brian is beginning his first year of dissertation writing.  He is making great headway and I look forward to see him finish this very challenging process in the next year and a half.  His dissertation is on the book of Mark and the passion narrative.  Brian has really enjoyed his time at Baylor.  While it's a bit different to not be in class anymore, I think he's glad to start dissertating.  He'll teach a class next year and then begin looking for full-time jobs.

While I can be tempted to fill my newly open schedule with lots of activities, I am trying to take integrating things back in my life very slowly.  Cystic Fibrosis is always lurking in the background.  So, we have to be able to throw on the brakes very quickly should Bennett need extra care at any point.    But, as long as things continue as they are, we will continue dreaming of a life where CF is not the focus.  And I'm ok with that! :)

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  1. Enjoy your time off, friend! If you ever miss the insanity, give me a call and I'll let you listen to my minions!!


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