04 July 2012

A Patriotic (Pinterest) Day

Oliver has been begging me daily for us to begin decorating for his Tornado-themed birthday party.
But his birthday is in November, more than 4 months away.  Um, yeah.

I have tried to carefully hold him off, letting him know I'm happy to help him decorate but no earlier than 3 days before his party is to be held.  However, another strategy I used today for fending off his party-decorating excitement was to distract him with another holiday to decorate for: Independence Day.  I think it worked, at least for today.

I gathered up all of my favorite Fourth of July Pinterest ideas and set out to accomplish a few of my favorites the easiest ones I could find:

To start off the morning, the boys and I went outside and covered a part of our front yard with stars.  This was super fun as all it took was a stencil cut out of poster board, a squirt bottle of water and flour!  Both boys were able to participate.  I even thought about doing this the night before to our neighbors yard as a surprise...and then I remembered my little boys have an 8pm bedtime so it might be a while before we can do that as a family.  Ha!  But how fun would that be to wake up to?

At lunch, Brian and I worked like we were mad scientists trying to create a red, white and blue mocktail for kids I found on Pinterest.  It's not as easy as it looks but it can be done, in fact.  The key is to put ice cubes in bottom third of glass and pour in fruit punch.  Then, put in a few ice cubes on top of those before then pouring blue Gatorade very very slowly on the ice cubes only (think surface tension).  To top if off, put in a few more ice cubes and then pour diet 7-up or diet Sprite (must be diet).  I think making this drink is an art.  But Oliver loved it and, honestly, so did Brian and I. :)

This evening, we decided to try our last Pinterest idea for the day: White chocolate covered strawberries with blue sugar.

The boys were so eager to help!

I just love this picture, chaos in the kitchen but always a smile and cheerful heart from our little Oliver.

We used skewers to help the boys dip the strawberries.

Then, we spooned blue sugar on the bottom of the strawberry.  (I had considered using blue sprinkles but the grocery store was out of blue sprinkles the night before, so I just added blue food coloring to sugar and it worked just as well!)

When Oliver ate his strawberry he said, "Yum!  The United States birthday is really good!"

Even Bennett enjoyed it!

We had planned to enjoy our city's local fireworks show with friends late this evening.  But as the day progressed, we became less and less interested in keeping the boys up two hours passed their bedtime for the fireworks, which wasn't planned to began until 10pm.  Since this meant that we might not be home until almost midnight, we decided it wasn't prudent of us, as parents, to do so.  In fact, the boys ended up falling asleep right after we put them in their beds so it proved to us that a day of fourth of July activities was plenty for these two little sparklers.  Hopefully we'll be able to see the fireworks next year.

Happy Fourth of July!!


  1. Great job, Mom! Those are two of the cutest boys I know! And how fun to see them using their stepstools, too! Looks like a fun day! Miss yall!

  2. Breck, I LOVE reading about your precious family! I don't always comment but I'm a pretty faithful reader. And pray-er. :-) Blessings to you!


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