16 May 2012

Sharing Bennett's Story on TV

:::Melissa, I had not met Emily before our interview.  But it turns out, we happen to share our alma mater (the University of Missouri) and attended the same Journalism program there.  So, in fact, we have a few common friends, which is fun.:::

I am so thankful to Emily Iazzetti from KWTX for giving me the opportunity to share Bennett's story and to advertise Bennett's Walk on our local TV show Moms Everyday today.

I thought it was sweet how I was instructed to go into the "Green Room" while waiting for my interview.  Oh, how very important I felt!  (And then I remembered, I'm just a mom. :))

Here's the TV interview:

I *love* Emily.  She's so laid-back and easy going - and so genuine!  She's a natural at what she does and I am so honored to have had a chance to sit down and talk with her.  

Today's interview was a huge gift for me - to be able to share Bennett's story.  My hope is there may have been families in Waco who might have learned more about Cystic Fibrosis from the interview and, better yet, might want to join us in our fight against Cystic Fibrosis at our Great Strides Walk on Saturday.

I appreciated, so much, Emily reminding me several times in the interview that I'm an advocate for my son. I don't feel like I'm anything more than a mama who feels helpless and wants to help her baby.  But I appreciate being labelled such a fancy name.  Advocate or Mama Bear, I'm all Bennett has so I'll keep doing what I can to find him a cure!

Thanks, Emily, for helping me make that happen, just a little bit more, today!


  1. I just watched the videos, and really enjoyed them! I also think it's great that you were given the chance to speak about CF and your son's struggle on a tv network. You added a lot of great information in such a short time period, too. Is Emily someone you know personally, or did she just hear about your story solely by reading your blog? Her network sounds great!

  2. You made us all proud! Way to go! I kinda had to chuckle when you talked about families all over the country and yet having never met them. I realized that this was the first time, that I have ever heard your voice. =) Kinda fun!

    Hope you have an amazing time and response to your walk. Can't wait to hear all about it (and see pictures). I am going to try to post ours tomorrow if I can find a moment. Take care and stay well! Hugs to you all.


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