12 May 2012

Mustache Bash Photo Booth Pictures

I have looked forward to seeing these pictures since someone suggested the idea of having a Photo Booth at our CF Pre-Walk Party Mustache Bash.

Thank you to Ashley Dailey with Remember When Photography for volunteering her time and talent for this event!  And thanks to all of those who came out to raise money for a cure for Bennett (and for all those with Cystic Fibrosis)!

Brian just had to have the handpuppet.

This one of Rachel is just scary!

Sandra and Matt

Lindsay explained this is Mabel (the baby) with Brian's hair.  Ha!  Makes me laugh every time!

Lovely ladies!

Love this family pic!

An adorable family!

Rock on Pinwheel Kids!

Traci and James reveal their fun side!


Getting baby Emerson in on the fun!

 This family is SO cute!!

Amy, our Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Development Director, and me

Play that funky music!

Sweet friends.

Some of Bennett and Oliver's little buddies.

My friend Amanda with Parker.

This little pirate cracks me up!

Abby, having a good time with her little friend!

Mustaches and mooches make the picture!

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