05 May 2012

Grab your 'Stache and join the Bash!

One of the things that came out of this year's planning for our Great Strides Walk on May 19th was the planning of an additional event to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis: a "Mustache Bash!"

These delicious and very adorable mustache cupcakes were donated by Lily Bean cakes.

I approached Rachel (left) of Pinwheel Kids last year about participating in our Walk.  But Rachel doesn't do anything without jumping in with both feet.  So, she grabbed her dear friend Sandra (center) of Simply Events and they both decided get whole-heartedly involved with finding Bennett a cure.

This year's theme was "Mustache Bash" so mustaches were found on all of the glasses and scattered through the party.  Punch and wine was provided to wet one's whistle whiskers!

My sweet friends Amanda and Dana came out all night to support Bennett!

Sweet little girls.

The "65 Roses" cookies were made by Crumplers Cookies and didn't last long!!

This year's Silent Auction included items such as 2-hour house cleaning, a wine-tasting party, a framed Dirk Nowitski photograph, photography sessions and so much more!!

This year's auction raised more than $800!!

Ashley, from Remember When: Custom Photography, headed up the Photo Booth for the evening, which children of all ages enjoyed.

Maryanne, an adorably sweet volunteer came fully decked out in her beautiful and handmade Pirate costume.  She wore the costume to help promote Simply EventsPrincess and Pirates Party fundraiser that will take place at the Waco Great Strides Walk.  (Tickets are available through Pinwheel Kids.)

Smiles from our friend Katie's son Charlie as he checked out his Tiger-painted face.

Bennett's friend Parker sits patiently waited during his turn.

This beautiful quilt was made by the mother of Cystic Fibrosis fighter, Cheri.  It was on display at the party and will be being raffled off at the opening of Waco's BJ's Restaurant in June.

Bennett isn't the only child for which this party was given.  Sixteen year old Carla is another reason we are working to find a cure.   Her little sister, Avery, enjoyed the event with her.

Ashley and Sandra sport their mustaches.

My friend Paige!  Oh man, I can't say enough good things about this woman!  She is a huge support for me as we raise money for CF together.  She is dependable and just a joy to be around!  I am so thankful for her!

Brian and I got to enjoy the event together.  Even though children were welcomed and encouraged, Brian and I decided to leave the boys at home so we could make it a date night.  We were delighted that when it was all said and done, the two-hour event raised more than $1300!   Thank you to Rachel, Sandra, Ashley, Jen, Maryanne and so many more people who came together to help us find a cure for Bennett!  

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  1. Way to go!! Sounds like a great idea, and a whole lot of fun! Thankful to have you as a fellow mama fighting for our kiddos future! =) Glad you did so well!! Keep up the awesome work!


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