15 April 2012

When No Nap and Treatments Collide

This is what happens when Bennett's lack of a nap and his breathing treatments collide...
I was in the process of taking a picture of my sweet boy falling asleep (which is why it is blurry), just as something within him seemed to call out, "Timber!"

And down he went.  Little guy hadn't had his nap so it's no surprise he fell sleep during his evening treatment time.  The humming of his nebulizer and the "massage" of his vest lulled him right to sleep.

Sweet boy didn't move at all even as clicked away with my camera.

So, what does this Mama do when her two year old falls asleep during his treatment?

She takes off his mask to make him more comfortable, turns off the vest machine and walks around the house very quietly.

Proof that when you're sleepy, anywhere is comfortable.


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