06 April 2012

The Hunt for Easter Eggs

The boys have really enjoyed Easter egg hunting this year.  Neither child is particularly competitive but they enjoying finding hidden treats.

Off they go!

We are thankful for friends who offered an Easter egg hunt during our weekly pre-school playgroup time.  The backyard where the Easter egg hunt was held was nothing but a flat plot of grass so it made Easter egg hunting super easy (which is necessary when you are ages 2 and 4).

Bennett found carrying a basket around while hunting for eggs to be extremely exhausting.  Instead, he just wanted to find an egg, get the candy, find another egg and get the candy.  I suppose it's easy to be distracted when candy looks so good.

Oliver got the concept immediately.  He enjoyed running fast!

Playful brothers on a Spring day.

This is so how Oliver rolls.  During our last Easter egg hunt, he preferred to find eggs of his favorite color, rather than just get as many as he could find in his basket.  This is so Oliver and we love seeing his personality come out.  He is a faithful child, especially faithful to whatever he chooses to like.  The color blue is his favorite these days, which is evident by his Easter basket.  

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