21 March 2012

Random Thoughts On Bennett

Bennett is quickly moving from a baby to a big boy.  He is two and a half and no longer seems so infantile.  Part of the biggest change in his life is that his language skills are developing daily.  He surprises us daily with his new words and a few sentences.  Our favorite thing is he has a little lisp when he says his "s's".  The word yes is pronounced "Yeth" to him. :)

(This is his typical face when we say, "smile."  I think he thinks that I am saying, "squint!" :))

Bennett calls Oliver "Ah-Ah," as in the beginning sound of Oliver's name.  Bennett can just barely mumble his own name so he usually to refers to himself as "me." (Case in point, Bennett will look around the table at everyone's plate and say: "Ah-Ah, Momma, Daddee, me.")

Bennett takes his enzymes like a champ these days and is very compliant with his treatments and medications.  This may be because he is still very much in love with his pacifier (ack!).  Bennett is ready to be potty trained, if I could just get focused enough to do it.  His drink of choice is apple juice, which he calls, "Ap Jew."

The boys are best friends and play well together.  Bennett seems to want to play with Oliver more than Oliver wants to play with him.  But, overall, they really interact with each other very easily.  They rarely fight (knock on wood).

Bennett *loves* stuffed animals, tends to want to kiss and hug everything and anything (he is very affectionate) and especially loves playing like a "fish" in the bathtub.  His favorite outdoor activity is to swing.  That child could be swung all day long, if I'd push him!

It's interesting to see in what ways the boys are similar and in what ways the boys are different: Oliver has always loved playing with cars.  Bennett likes them too.  But Bennett really enjoys little toy men and action figures.  While Oliver would prefer to play alone quietly, Bennett prefers to play with someone, especially if he can get them to wrestle or tease with him.  Bennett has a great sense of humor.  Both boys love to be read to.  Oliver wants to learn about tornadoes and electricity.  But Bennett is most interested in firetrucks and Superman.

I am so thankful that Bennett's health has finally come to a place where we don't have to think about Cystic Fibrosis every day.  We are now able to start focusing on new things, like his developing friendships and learning about the world around him.

Overall, Bennett is thriving these days.  I continue to look forward to seeing his little personality develop as he is learning to use words to tell us his thoughts!

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  1. Very smart of B to refer to himself as "me" and not "you". Everything in our house is "I want to wash your hands" or "ride your bike".


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